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During special times of the year, many tobacco pipe companies release limited-time runs of unique pipes. These smoking pipes change in look every year, leading to collectible pieces every year. The Chacom Christmas tobacco pipes are such releases.


It is fitting that a classic tobacco pipe making company, one of the oldest in the world, would celebrate holidays in this way. The Chacom Christmas pipes have changed notably over the years. The 2016 edition was a smooth, red finished pipe with a white acrylic stem. In 2017, they adjusted the pipe to be a glossy brown while keeping the white acrylic stem.


2018 and 2019 saw further adjustments, with less glossy finishes and newer stems.


The 2020 Christmas editions have a deep, rich brown color that highlights the grain wonderfully. We offer two different shapes that Chacom has released for that year, and both look outstanding with an attention to detail that a company as experienced as Chacom provides. The forest green acrylic stem has swirls of white in it, a nice visual reminder of the season this pipe describes.


We are excited to see what the future releases hold for Chacom's Christmas line and can't wait to bring them to you when they come out. As the French say, "Joyeux Noël!"

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