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Chacom pulls their inspiration for their lines of tobacco pipes from all parts of French and European culture. One of their most creative designs, these beautiful Chacom Maya smoking pipes, comes from a children's tale.


Maya the Bee was a children's book first published in 1912 by German author Waldemar Bonsels. Its story follows the titular Maya as she explores the world and meets other insects. After her exploration is over, Maya returns to her hive and becomes a teacher to share her knowledge and experience with future generations of bees.


The Maya the Bee book has become a cultural hit around the world. There have been multiple adaptations to this book since its publishing. This includes movies, a television series, and a Japanese anime, which all spread around the world, earning Maya new fans and keeping the story alive for future generations.


The Chacom Maya series of smoking pipes pulled a lot of inspiration from the Maya the Bee stories, with their coloring very much intended to be bee-like in appearance. The bowl comes in two different colors: a rich, dark brown or a deep, dark gray that is almost black. The stem, however, is universal no matter which color bowl you choose. Each stem is acrylic, with black and yellow stripes that is very bee-inspired.


With one of the more unique design concepts, the Chacom Maya line of tobacco pipes is undoubtedly worthy of your collection, one you should be able to easily enjoy. After all, with the history and pipe making knowledge that Chacom brings to the table, you have to expect that they will continue to make excellent pipes.

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