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Chapuis Comoy History

The Comoy family has been involved in quality pipe making since 1825 when Francois Comoy started a company with his brothers to make collectible pipes of all kinds. The Chapuis Comoy pipe history can be said to start this far back in the process because the Comoy family had always been part of the pipe making community with its cousins, the Chapuis family. The two sides were not so much competitors as they were mutual admirers of each other’s work. Throughout the 19th century, the Comoy family had continued to expand its pipe making reputation and this lead to the eventual establishment of the Chapuis-Comoy society in the late 1800’s. They currently manufacturer Luxor Pipes.

Chapuis Comoy HistoryChapuis Comoy History Collaboration

The official establishment of the beginning of the Chapuis Comoy pipe history actually takes place in 1922. The two families had worked closely together for decades prior to this date and had unofficially established the Chapuis Comoy society. But the two factions decided to start officially pooling their resources together in 1922, and the real Chapius Comoy collaboration had begun. The company was able to combine each of its own special methods for drying wood and making the best possible pipes into an effort that helped to develop some of the most significant creations in pipe history.

Chapuis Comoy History Originator

The originator of the Chapuis Comoy pipe history is Henry Comoy, who started a London version of the Comoy company called H. Comoy and Company, Ltd in the early 1900’s. But Henry Comoy had always wanted to return to Saint Claude in France, where he got his start, and start another branch of his company. He spoke to his cousins in the Chapuis family, and the two groups decided to start the Chapuis Comoy Company in Saint Claude in 1922. It was the culmination of a life’s work for Henry as he passed away in 1924.

Chapuis Comoy History Factory

The factory in Saint Claude would supply the London location with the wood and the raw materials it needed to build what was becoming known as the Chapuis Comoy pipe. As the Chapuis Comoy pipe history moved along, more names got involved and the company continued to grow. It has been handed down through generations and each generation has added its own touch to the final product. In 2012, company owner Yves Grenard passed away and his son Antoine has taken over the operation of the company. The original methods used in the early 1900’s are preserved and the company continues to move along making world-renowned pipes. 

Chapuis Comoy History Factory