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The Castello Great Line is where they house their larger tobacco pipes. All handmade, these pipes are larger versions of the other Castello pipe categories.


Carlo Scotti started separating the bigger pipes into a different category in the 1970s, first calling it the "Bigline" before settling on the better "Great Line" name.


It is partly thanks to Scotti that Italian smoking pipes are so well respected. His innovations after World War Two helped make Italian pipes stand out. Prior to then, England and France were the countries with the best reputation for tobacco pipe manufacturing, with companies like Chacom, Dunhill, and Peterson dominating the market.


After the Second World War, Scotti's handmade smoking pipes radically altered how Italian briar pipes looked, with new and innovative designs that captured the imagination of the public. With a bit of expert marketing, the Castello pipes were soon selling all over the world, especially in the United States, as people began clamoring for Italian luxury products thanks to the rise of Gucci and Ferrari. Scotti's innovative mark on the world of pipe making has permanently revolutionized how quality tobacco pipes are produced.


When you get a Castello Great Line tobacco pipe, you are getting one of the best pipes around. They are perfect showpieces, something you can center a rotation around or bring out for the special, celebratory occasions that call for a pipe. These smoking pipes are well worth the price, as you will be connecting with the Italian traditions that have made Castello Pipes something to collect and enjoy.

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