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Comoy's offers holiday editions of tobacco pipes, celebrating major events with limited runs of specially made pipes for everyone to enjoy. For over forty years, the Christmas pipes from Comoy have been celebrated as excellent looking tobacco pipes worthy of any collection.


Comoy's pipe company has nearly 200 years of pipe making experience to base their designs and creativity. With all the knowledge the company has accumulated, there are a wide variety of ways they have developed smoking pipes to celebrate momentous occasions. Not only have they celebrated Christmas for decades, but there have also been other events celebrated.


Thanks to founder Francois Comoy and his brothers creating tobacco pipes in Saint-Claude, France, the world of pipes has been forever changed. Instead of the then popular boxwood and clay pipes, briar became the material used to create the most popular smoking pipes.


In 1879, Francois's son Henri moved to London, establishing a shop in what is now known as the Cambridge Circus. It is there that the name of the company changed to Comoy's of London, turning into the business we know today.


Any time you get a chance to select a special edition of tobacco pipe, it is a good idea to take a hard look at them. These are perfect for any collection, either as a showpiece or in a rotation. Keep your eye on this area for new releases every time Comoy's creates a special smoking pipe.

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