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Comoy's of London

Since 1825, Comoy's has made excellent tobacco pipes. Their careful attention to detail makes them a well respected member of the pipe making community, especially as one of the elder statesmen, so to speak. It should then come as no surprise that Comoy's also set up a tobacco line to pair with their exceptional smoking pipes.


Their decorated history with tobacco pipes has paid off as they have also become masterful tobacconists, with an ability to provide both crucial pieces for a smoking experience few other companies can match.


The Comoy's of London Blue Riband series are carefully blended, distinctively tinned, and sure to be in the regular rotation of any discerning pipe smoker.


We offer you many variants for your smoking pleasure. They are all numbered so you can find the one you are looking for easily.


Number 1, called their Double English, is a rich mixture of Dark Latakia, Virginias, and Orientals. This will be a tobacco that reliably fits within the English blends category.


Number 2 is known as Portwood and is a lovely blend featuring Virginias, Burleys, and a mild Black Cavendish. Portwood also comes flavored with a combination of chocolate and vanilla, featuring a hint of port to provide a sweet and savory smoking experience.


Number 4 is Stand Fast Navy; a flake cut tobacco. Matured Virginias and perique are pressed together and provide you a typically spicy VaPer experience.


Number 5 is their Bullet Rye Select. This is a blend of Virginias and Burleys. You will pick up a sweet and earthy flavor from this tobacco, along with a subtle aroma from the bourbon combined with it.


Number 7 is their coin cut tobacco, literally named "Single Coin Slice." This blend features a mix of Virginias and Perique that is wrapped around smooth Black Cavendish. Topped with a mild aromatic, you will get a smooth and spicy experience, with some fruity accents to top it off.


Number 9, the Spiced Virginia blend, is a combination of Virginia tobaccos gathered from three continents. With that, they added a slight amount of Burley to give this a sweet flavor and aroma that you can enjoy. 


Number 11, British Strength, is Comoy's take on a Balkan blend. Mixing together Orientals, Virginias, and Latakias, you will enjoy a mellow smoke that provides gentle flavor and a soft room note.


Number 12 is Comoy's Sweet Virginia blend. Toasted Black Cavendish is mixed with Virginia to give smokers notes of caramel and vanilla. Perfect for dessert, you can certainly end your day on a high note with this blend.

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8 of 8 Items