Comoy's Pipes


Comoy's Pipes

Comoy’s is a long-beloved tobacco pipe brand. Founded in 1825, the Comoy pipe maker family has been making smoking pipes before it was discovered that briar was a viable material.

Comoy's history has led them to be recognized as one of the oldest pipe makers in Europe, and that same history is what you will get whenever you purchase one of their smoking pipes. Their consistency, their high quality, their overall excellence is what makes a Comoy pipe a tobacco pipe to have.

These affordable pipes feature traditional shapes and finishes made with superior briar. Having worked with briar since its discovery of use and the practices to make it viable, Comoy's experience is not something to be ignored. These briar pipes have been artfully crafted for well over 100 years, the lessons learned have been passed down from generation to generation. The master craftsmen here know the right way to do things, the proper steps to take to make the best possible tobacco pipe. You won’t find any flashy embellishments here. Instead, Comoy’s chooses to honor tradition with grace and style.

Choose from the Blue Riband, Pebble Grain, or Tradition lines. Each finish is a play on the warm browns most commonly found on traditional tobacco pipes.

Maybe you would like the Vintage line instead? The classic black finish on a sandblasted bowl, connected to a vibrant, blue acrylic stem makes for an excellent take on a classic look.

While it is a great smoking pipe for yourself, it could be an even better gift for a smoker that enjoys history. A great collector's piece, Comoy's tobacco pipes embody the very history of pipe smoking. While smoking a Comoy's, you will be able to showcase your appreciation of where we have come from and where we are headed in the same pipe.