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Compare & Share March - Mystery Blends

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We are always looking for new ways to engage with the communal side of pipe smoking, and that's just what Compare & Share is all about. For $7.99, you'll receive 2 bags, each containing 1 ounce each of this month's Mystery Blends. Everyone will receive the same two tobaccos. Although they'll be packaged like bulk, these could be any blend we offer, not limited to bulk mixtures. At the end of the month, we'll reveal what the Mystery Blends were before then changing to the next month's Mystery Blends. 

Our hope is that while trying these tobaccos, all who are taking part can discuss their thoughts, analyses, impressions, etc. You can join us on our Facebook Compare & Share group!

We think this could be a fun way to bring together two tenets that—for many—are at the core of pipe smoking: exploration and community. If you'd like to know more, check out our blog introducing Compare & Share!

Also, we're happy to say we are now bringing cigars into the mix! We've added a Compare & Share listing for two mystery premium cigars!


Previous Compare & Share Reveals:

February 2023

  1. St Bruno Flake
  2. Charatan Flake

January 2023

  1. Mac Baren HH Old Dark Fired
  2. Newminster No. 702 Light Burley

December 2022

  1. Amphora Virginia
  2. Peter Stokkebye PS 306 English Oriental 

November 2022

  1. Sutliff Christmas Spice
  2. Cobblestone Maple Walnut

October 2022

  1. Sutliff Pumpkin Spice
  2. F & K Bat with a Hat

September 2022

  1. Balkan Supreme 
  2. Sutliff Dunhill 965 Match

August 2022

  1. Cobblestone Outdoors Hiking
  2. Sutliff 707 Sweet Virginia

July 2022

  1. Cornell & Diehl Green River Vanilla
  2. Mac Baren Vanilla Cream

June 2022

  1. Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader
  2. Cobblestone Brick English Plug

May 2022

  1. J. F. Germain & Sons Balkan Sobranie
  2. Sutliff Balkan Sobranie Match

April 2022

  1. Newminster No. 400 Superior Navy Flake
  2. Peter Stokkebye PS 400 Luxury Navy Flake
2 oz.