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Cornell & Diehl Small Batch Carolina Red Flake Perique Pipe Tobacco

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Available: Wednesday October 20th 

September 2021 Batch

Brand: Cornell & Diehl

Series: Small Batch

Blended By: Cornell & Diehl

Model: Carolina Red Flake with Perique

Tobacco Type: Red Virginia , Perique

Cut: Flake

Blend Type: Virginia

Strength: 3 of 5

Taste: Full

Room Note: Tolerable

Flavoring: None

Amount: 2 oz.

Country: US

Cornell & Diehl
Red Virginia
Room Note:

8 Reviews

  • 2
    Small Batch Releases is marketing at it's best

    Posted by Neil Kirby on 15th Feb 2022

    I have been a sucker for these small batch releases for years, now. I hear Jeremy Reeves on the podcast, and I read all about the individual nuances in the blend and can't wait until the release. Like everybody else, we set an alarm so that we can get some of this "once in a lifetime" smoke in our pipe or resell at a premium. Just like other reviewers, when I opened this tin last April, I enjoyed it. It had that rare sweetness that Mr. Reeves so eloquently romanced about...the top-grade leaves and the rare natural sugar levels in this particular crop. Well now its February the next year. Since I only got a limited number of tins, I have not wanted to blow through this "rare, exquisite " tobacco. I decided to have a magic smoke for the Superbowl, so I popped open one of these very limited-edition tins. What a letdown. The sweetness was gone, and I was left with a tobacco that tasted like the cigarettes I gave up many years ago. The same thing happened with Sunbear a few years ago. I think I'm done with Cornell and Diehl. They are the Starbucks of tobacco. Great branding and marketing, but it all tastes same, over hyped, overpriced, junk. Disclaimer: I only smoke Virginias and Va/Pers so I cannot review or comment on their other stuff.

  • 4
    Carolina Red Flake W/ Perique

    Posted by TobaccoJim2 on 29th Oct 2020

    This is definitely full tobacco taste, no aromatic here. A little less then smooth if smoked in short stem pipe. However, if smoked in a church warden chimney style with inside diameter .7inch, it is the smoke of early times that your grandfather enjoyed. I re-emphasize, in my opinion, a barrel/chimney style pipe will render the best experience smoke of this tobacco blend. Enjoy.

  • 4

    Posted by rob on 7th May 2020

    I like it. I'd like to see Virginia a bit sweeter and a little heavier on perique. but it's good. from what I hear, it also varies with age and from batch to batch. It's worth a try definitely, just don't expect sweet and spicy perique, it's more of a dry Virginia with nice undertones.

  • 5
    Want some tobacco?

    Posted by Max Miles on 3rd May 2020

    This is tobacco. Straight up Carolina red flake. This is what tobacco is supposed to taste like. The touch of Perique adds an extra hint of something rich yet it’s light enough to go almost unnoticed. Don’t miss out on this one.

  • 4

    Posted by Randall Barfell on 29th Apr 2020

    Not my absolute favorite bid still worth it.

  • 5
    A Masterpiece VaPer!

    Posted by Mark Spears on 20th Apr 2020

    I have enjoyed Bayou Morning since its conception in 1998. It is supposedly 25% Perique. Yes, I have enjoyed Escudo and numerous other VaPers along the way. I have to say that this Carolina Red Flake w/Perique is right up there with the very best of them! It is VERY complex and is FULL of spice, pepper, and fruity sweetness. It burns very well and is good at the very bottom of the bowl. It is a dry smoke. What a shame this can't be had in bulk! It certainly has more than 10% Perique but is less than 25%. The retrohale will blast you with spice and a fair share of pepper. This is sweeter than Bayou Morning I'm sure from Virginia in it. Just an outstanding bunch of enjoyment in a tin!

  • 5
    Wonderful Tobacco , Awesome Taste

    Posted by MICHAEL FRENCH, RN, BSN on 10th Apr 2020

    In September of 2019, Cornell & Diehl hit a homerun with Carolina Red Flake. Now, Mr Reeves added some delicious 18-year-old Louisiana Perique to it for their latest offering. The taste is outstanding. I knew it would, so I ordered 10 tins to start and just ordered 2 more. Awesome!

  • 5
    Excellent Vaper

    Posted by Frank Gallik on 10th Apr 2020

    I originally ordered 6 tins. Cracked open one tin, smoked it and in fact, am still smoking it. Before I finished I decided to order another 5 tins. My hope is that this will become something they have available once a year. This is like Game 7 of the World Series, Bottom of the 9th, 2 outs, 3 ball 2 strike count with the bases loaded and hit a home run.