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Master Davorin Denovic is the world’s leading authority on morta pipes. From Croatia, Denovic sculpts masterpieces from this semi-petrified oak wood into handmade works of art. Stamped with a letter “D” stylized from Slavic Glagolitic script, Denovic’s pipes link ancient history with contemporary innovations in pipecraft.


Denovic shapes with morta, a “bog wood” from Croatia, preserved from decay for thousands of years by acidic conditions in peat bogs. The bog wood is the first stage of petrified wood, making it a very useful and unique material to use when crafting tobacco pipes. The acidity of the peat bogs clears away the tannins and resins in the wood, which give morta wood similarities to meerschaum, as it allows for the full flavor of the tobacco without any interference from the material of the pipe.  


Morta is considerably harder to work with than briar, making each tobacco pipe a labor of love. Since the blocks of morta vary in texture and quality, there is a smaller quantity of smoking pipes made as Denovic will only use the best materials available to him. If the morta is not good enough, Denovic will not use it.


Since morta is harder to work with, it also means that the pipes made are all unique, and handmade. This rarity makes owning a Davorin Denovic morta smoking pipe something to enjoy, as you are getting a high quality tobacco pipe that will look good, and be something that you can have displayed.


A great pipe to own, it is a perfect gift for collectors. If you are a smoker that enjoys a special pipe, something that will be one of a kind then a Denovic pipe is an excellent choice.


Durable, elegant, and rare, a Davorin Denovic pipe is a distinct and essential addition to a pipe aficionado’s collection.

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