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The rise of Drew Estate cigars is a true success story. With the 90s cigar boom come and gone, a young Jonathan Drew set his eyes on the industry. In 1996, he was selling cigars from a kiosk in the World Trade Center. Soon, Drew’s college friend, Marvin Samel would join him in launching Drew Estate Cigars. Samel would stay in Brooklyn as Drew traveled to Nicaragua to get their perfect blends figured out. 


The first release was La Vieja Habana in 98, but the brand that would really set the team off came a year later. In 99, Jonathan returned from Nicaragua with a new blend, Acid by Drew Estate. The flavored cigar blend is still a favorite to this day. 


In 2004, the operation moved from NYC to Miami. As the company grew, the opportunity to scale up to a larger factory presented itself, so they moved out of the Elsteli factory where they had been manufacturing for the past decade and built and moved into La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate in 2007, the largest cigar factory in Nicaragua.

 Drew Estate Cigars

Since this time Drew Estate has released many popular cigar brands, a great deal of them receiving high ratings from renowned publications such as Cigar Aficionado cigars —many of these cigars placed on their Annual Top 25 list such as Joya De Nicaragua Antaño Gran Reserva, Undercrown, and Joya Black Nocturno. But if you enjoy quality premium cigars made from the best Nicaraguan tobacco, you’re sure to enjoy any of Drew Estates fine cigars.