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Introduced in 1995, the Dunhill Amber Root is a category defined by its look instead of its shape. When you select a Dunhill tobacco pipe, you are getting an item defined by innovation and history.


In 1904, Alfred Dunhill created one of his earliest innovations when he made the "windshield pipe." That sense of creativity continues today with all of Dunhill's smoking pipes.


The Amber coloring on the smooth finish of these tobacco pipes gives this Dunhill category its name. This rich color helps showcase the grain on the briar, each differing based on which pipe you prefer to select.


We offer you two different shapes of Dunhill Amber Root tobacco pipes, a Billiard and a Bulldog. Whichever you decide, you are getting an excellent smoking pipe that will provide you with generations of enjoyment. We do mean generations. Properly cared for, the Dunhill pipes can be passed down to your children and their children after them, turning into an heirloom that they will use to tell stories and share your knowledge.


The Dunhill name is synonymous with quality and creation. Should you choose to pick up an Amber root tobacco pipe, you are getting started with a great legacy that you can display as the centerpiece of your collection and the prized pipe in your rotation.

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6 of 6 Items