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Get ready for a night on the town with the Dunhill Dress tobacco pipe. First introduced to the public in 1973, the original name for this series was "Black Briar" but was later named Dress in 1979. The briar on the Dress tobacco pipes are coated in a jet black stain and have a sterling silver band separating stummel and stem.


Dunhill made these tobacco pipes to be the perfect accessory for a formal event, something that will complement the look of a tuxedo. A Dunhill Dress is the perfect smoking pipe for such an event. If you are going to an occasion where a tuxedo is required, a regular tobacco pipe can look out of place. This is when having a pipe that is smooth and black is perfect, something that will look and feel at home at formal events.


Not only will it be great during special events, but its sleek look will also be an excellent centerpiece for collectors or as a focal point for pipe rotations.


Dunhill pipes are made to last. Their quality has been known since the very first Dunhill factory opened its doors in 1910, and now over one hundred years later, they remain excellent tobacco pipes worthy of consideration and purchase.

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