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When looking for a historically recognized, respected, and well made smoking pipe, look no further than Dunhill. Known for their distinctive white spots, Dunhill tobacco pipes were a favorite of British royalty and later became a favorite around the world.


Founded by Alfred Dunhill around the turn of the last century, Dunhill tobacco pipes were known to be crafted pieces of art, made to last in an era of cheap and easily disposable pipes.


Always the innovator, Dunhill sought to discover problems to fix. In 1904, for example, Dunhill noticed tobacco pipes having difficulty staying lit while in the automobiles of the era. He then crafted what was called the "windshield pipe" that aided in blocking the wind from the lit tobacco in the bowl. This practice of innovation and quality never left Dunhill and he would spend most of his career and life making new and exciting products.


In 1917, Dunhill discovered a new process with which to make tobacco pipes. Calling the new pipe the shell briar tobacco pipe, Dunhill was able to patent this process and he was able to craft a smoking pipe that would be recognized worldwide for its outstanding look and feel.


When you are getting a Dunhill smoking pipe, you are not just getting a great pipe. You are also getting a piece of history. After World War One, the Dunhill brand was popular all over the world, and that popularity amongst tobacco pipe smokers has not waned since.


Consider also getting yourself a pipe pouch made by Dunhill, to complete your set and house your pipe in something designed by the Dunhill company for their pipes.


You will not regret purchasing a Dunhill tobacco pipe. They are great for smoking, and an excellent option for those collectors that value a well crafted piece.

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24 of 47 Items