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One of the rarest tobacco pipe designations by Dunhill, the Root Briar pipes have been manufactured since 1931. Their rarity is due to the quality that designates a Root Briar tobacco pipe as such.


Dunhill Root Briar tobacco pipes are created using the finest briar available. Typically this was Corsican briar, considered one of the finest sources of the material available.


To be a Dunhill Root Briar, the material must be flawless. If there is any blemish, no matter how slight, then the material will not be used for this category of pipes.


A Dunhill Root Briar is light tan in color, smooth, and polished to the highest quality. Should you be able to acquire one of these excellent tobacco pipes, know that you are getting the best of the best from a company that only produces magnificent smoking pipes.


The Dunhill brand is known for their quality and their longevity. Alfred Dunhill wanted to ensure that when he first opened up a pipe making factory in 1910. His company's tobacco pipes are prized by collectors, featuring as centerpieces for displays and rotations. They are also loved as family heirlooms, passed down the generations who tell the stories of time spent with the ones who used them. Having a tobacco pipe of this quality will be something you will always appreciate.

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