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The Dunhill Ruby Bark series of tobacco pipes was established in 1972. It was first known as "Redbark." The color was lightened a couple of years later, changing to an almost pink. This proved to be a terrible decision, as sales fell dramatically, but by 1976 it would return to the darker red that colored the sandblasted pipes at the start.


The Redbark line lasted for fifteen years, getting discontinued in 1987. However, there was enough of a clamoring for the uniquely colored pipes that Dunhill resumed the manufacturing of this line in 2007, renaming it into the Ruby Bark title it now holds.


What makes a Dunhill Ruby Bark so special is the color of the stain on the sandblasted finish. A rich, deep red covers the bowl, making it prized among collectors as a unique look amongst the tobacco pipes that Dunhill produces. Another fine touch is the sterling silver band that acts as the barrier for the stem and the stummel, clearly separating the red and the black stem.


We offer you three different shapes that come in the Dunhill Ruby Bark finish. You can choose between a Rhodesian, a Billiard, and a Panel shape, each of which highlights the ruby red color excellently. No matter the shape you decide on, the quality of the tobacco pipe is the same, thanks to the expert craftsmanship that Dunhill applies to every pipe they create.


Every Dunhill smoking pipe is designed to last generations. Alfred Dunhill had that specific goal in mind, to create well made products that would separate his company from the rest of the era that focused on cheaply made pipes that would break quickly and need to be replaced often. Instead of that business model, Dunhill went with high-end and sturdy pipes that are intended to stand the test of time. When you get a Dunhill smoking pipe, you are getting something that you can pass down to the next generation, an heirloom that people can use to tell your story.

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