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The Dunhill Tanshell series is the lighter cousin to the Dunhill Shell Briar tobacco pipes. Created near the end of 1951, the company brought them to market in 1952. The Tanshell is the fourth finish that Dunhill ever created and has been a widely sought after style of tobacco pipe ever since. The Tanshell were originally made with Sardinian briar, a denser and harder wood that is more able to have an even finish form on the smoking pipe.


While the Shell Briar version of this finish has a dark colored stain, the Tanshell category features a natural stain, allowing you to appreciate the original color and appearance of the wood. Having this color gives you the opportunity to have two tobacco pipes created by the proprietary procedure that helped Alfred Dunhill patent the sandblasted finish for smoking pipes that we know today.


Dunhill tobacco pipes are known for their quality and durability. Alfred Dunhill made his pipes to last, a practice that ran counter to the standard business operations that dominated the world of smoking pipes in 1910. Back then, the popular practice was to have cheaply made, disposable tobacco pipes that needed to be replaced frequently. Instead, Dunhill made a more expensive, long lasting pipe that would set a new standard for both quality and longevity.


These smoking pipes are perfect for collectors and enthusiasts. They will look great in a display or as the centerpiece of a pipe rotation. Having a Dunhill resting on your pipe stand will immediately get attention. Because of their longevity, Dunhill pipes are also excellent heirlooms, something you can pass down to your children and their children after them. Have something that future generations can use to tell stories about you, something they will treasure and appreciate as much as you did.

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  • Dunhill Tanshell 3 Tobacco Pipe Dunhill Tanshell 3 Tobacco Pipe Right Side Dunhill Tanshell 3 Tobacco Pipe Top Dunhill Tanshell 3 Tobacco Pipe Bottom Dunhill Tanshell 3 Tobacco Pipe Apart

    Dunhill Tanshell 3 Tobacco Pipe

      Brand: Dunhill Model: Tanshell Style: 3 Shape: Bulldog Length: 5.43 in. / 137.98 mm.  Height: 1.29 in. / 32.90 mm.  Weight: 0.8 oz. / 23 g.  Bowl Depth: 0.97 in. / 24.69 mm.  Bowl Outside Diameter: 1.52 in. / 38.65...

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