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Flor del Caribe handcrafts maduros with delicious Cuban seed filler. Made in Honduras, these mid-strength cigars feature a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper, Honduran binders, and Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Honduran fillers. At an exceptional humidor-filling price, these aromatic cigars offer an easy smoke that you'll return to again and again.


While everyone raves about Cubans being the top tier of cigars in the world, the ones from Honduras have quietly become quite exceptional as well. Much of this can be attributed to the number of Cubans fleeing after the 1959 revolution. Still, Honduras has a lengthy and notable history with tobacco that goes beyond Cubans escaping a brutal dictatorship.


On Christopher Columbus's fourth expedition to the "New World," in 1502, he made his way to Honduras, which was where some important Mayan sites were located. Western Honduras has a location where you can see images of Yum Kaax, the Mayan God of vegetation and guardian of animals. There, many made offers of tobacco to the gods. At that site, archeologists would even find the preserved remains of an ancient cigar, estimated to be over 1500 years old.


Fast forward a few hundred years, and Spain has colonized the country. In 1765, a royal tobacco trading post was established in what is now known as Sanda Rosa de Copán. Spain became highly influential in the tobacco trade thanks to this post, and with many of their other, earlier colonies that developed the tobacco plants. Without the Honduran heritage and their influence, what we know of today as cigars might look very different. 


We offer you three different Flor Del Caribe cigars to enjoy. You can select a couple of options for these cigars. You can get an individual one, get a few, or select a box of cigars to hold onto and store in your humidor. However you wish to enjoy these choice cigars is up to you.

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