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An American blend, Granger is a tobacco that is a favorite of experienced pipe tobacco smokers. This is a Burley based blend, predominantly using Kentucky Burley.


This tobacco has been an American institution for many years, leaving its mark on a couple of generations.


Originally made by the Pinkerton Tobacco Company, Granger has stayed an American made tobacco, despite changing hands.


Pinkerton Tobacco got its start in 1887, founded by John W. Pinkerton after he purchased a controlling interest in the Worstall Cigar and Tobacco Company. Originally in Zanesville, Ohio, Pinkerton Tobacco moved around a few times, especially after the 1911 Supreme Court decision that broke up the Duke Trust and American Tobacco Company.


Moving to St. Louis for a short time, Pinkerton later moved to Toledo, where they would spend almost 70 years. Eventually, a new factory was needed, and that made for a 1973 move to Owensboro, Kentucky, where they continue to produce chewing tobacco.


The last move came in 1986 when Pinkerton moved headquarters. This new location, Richmond, Virginia, was an ideal location for company headquarters, though they keep up production at their Owensboro factory.


Currently, the Scandinavian Tobacco Group makes Granger pipe tobacco. Being manufactured by such a large and successful company ensures you get a consistent product, always providing a high quality smoking experience.


A coarse cut tobacco, you will find this tobacco lights and burns easily. That provides you with a crisp, medium bodied smoke with a fragrant and pleasant room note.


While Burley tobacco blends are usually stronger, Granger is actually mild. Well, mild for a Burley. Granger can be slightly overwhelming for the uninitiated, but it can be an excellent introduction to Burley blends.

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  • Granger Regular Pipe Tobacco 7oz.

    Granger Regular Pipe Tobacco

    Brand: Granger Model: Granger Tobacco Type: Burley Cut: Ribbon Blend Type: Burley Strength: 2 of 5 Taste: Mild Room Note: Pleasant Flavoring: None Amount: 7 oz. Can Country: US

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