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Gurkha Cigars have over a century in business under their belt, but the brand as we know it fully emerged in the early 1990s.


These cigars take their name from legendary Nepalese soldiers. Their skill and ferocity made these fighters highly respected both on and off the battlefield. Not just the soldiers, but their weapon of choice, the Khukuri sword, has a legacy all its own.


In the late 1880s, British soldiers stationed at colonies around the world would create and make their own cigars from the tobacco at hand. The Nepalese fighters were so well respected that these handmade cigars were names Gurkhas in their honor.

 Gurkha Cigars

That name continues on to this day, with the logo on the wrapper paying homage to the Gurkha soldiers that give the cigar its name. With the prestige of the soldiers and the history behind the name, it is no surprise that Gurkha cigars are made with quality and care befitting the name.


Gurkha also considers cigars a luxury and an indulgence, not a necessity. What they mean by this is that if you are going to smoke a cigar, it should be the best possible cigar made. Having these cigars be anything less than the top of the line premium creations would be an unacceptable insult to the fighters that came before and gave the name to the brand.


They succeed in that aspect, bringing handmade premium cigars to the market, something you can definitely appreciate when celebrating the special moments of your life.


More than just a cigar, smoking Gurkha means taking part in a storied legacy of leisure and comfort. Take the time to enjoy and appreciate the high quality and exquisite craftsmanship when you smoke one of these high end cigars. If you are just getting started in cigars, check out this cigars beginners guide!

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