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If you’re looking for an affordable, handmade pipe that doesn’t compromise on quality, and certainly not class, a J. Mouton is likely for you.


Mouton crafts his wonderfully rustic pipes in Gueydan, Louisiana. 


Gueydan is known as the duck capital of the United States, and wouldn’t you know, Mouton has a background in crafting duck calls—a  business he and his father ventured in together. This was valuable experience for the nascent pipe maker, as it had him working with hard rubbers, not unlike the ebonite so commonly used for pipe stems. 


It’s not so uncommon for pipe makers coming to the craft to build off of prior woodworking experience. Mouton is no exception in that respect, although he may be in the fact that he came with experience in hard rubbers as well. 


Take a look  at the stylish stem work on his Classic Poker and see for yourself the finesse with which it was crafted. 


Initially finding a place in the Youtube pipe community, Mouton came to make a tamper for a friend. More than satisfied, they encouraged him to cut his teeth on pipe making. A few more tampers and echoed encouragements later and Mouton was carving up briar. 


A natural it seems, it wasn’t long before Mouton was crafting exceptional  pipes, even selling the fourth pipe he ever made. Roughly three years into the craft, J. Mouton pipes exhibit the craftsmanship of a seasoned pipe maker. 


J. Mouton’s work speaks to the  integrity of a pipe that's classic and stylish shape speaks for itself—no kitschy flare.


Please check out our excellent J. Mouton pipes, they are certain to give you the smoke you desire and deserve.


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14 of 14 Items