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We are beyond proud to be the exclusive distributors of the Bud of Steel—the original stainless steel Reverse Calabash from Job Pipes. The Italian based company is reimagining tobacco pipe engineering with this stainless steel and briar pipe. 


The theory was quite simple, we cook our meals in stainless steel cookware, trusting our pots and pans not to impart flavor to the food, why not tobacco? 


The unique design of the Bud of Steel is a work of ingenuity that considers aesthetic and function in equal part. 


With a  stainless steel bowl, the chamber is easy to wash and doesn’t build carbon cake, offering a no-ghost smoke. Similar to a Meerschaum, since this pipe doesn’t need to develop a coating, there is no break in period. 


With a separable methacrylate stem, stainless steel shank and bowl, and briar base, the Bud of Steel is incredibly easy to clean. The briar base is lined with Ultem, a thermoplastic that is water tight and won’t absorb smoke resin. You can break it down for excellent mobility, and you don’t have to worry about allowing the pipe a cool down period before disassembly as you would with a briar shank. 


The ability to take this pipe apart also allows for customization between different models. The bowl, base, shank, and stem are all mutually compatible between pipes. The stem comes in several colors, the shank in short and long straight as well as bent, and the base in a variety of finishes and textures. Even the gaskets lining the bowl come in orange and black and can be replaced. 


The bottom of the bowl has a 4mm hole which allows a greater smoke flow from the smoke expansion chamber below in the base. The dual chamber for which the calabash is renowned has never made for less cumbersome a pipe than in the Bud of Steel, affording the smoker the same conveniences of a dry, cool smoke, yet it is compact with both chambers easily accessible for cleaning. 


If you’re a pipe smoker interested in new ways to explore the hobby, you definitely ought to check out Job Pipes. You can even watch Muttnchop Piper’s review of the Bud of Steel here. 


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