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Jobey History

The exact origins of the Jobey Pipe Company are a mystery. The thing that makes the Jobey pipes stand out from the rest of the field is its unique tenon called the Jobey Link. Aside from this design feature, the company has also gone through several different decorative design phases throughout its history. It is estimated that the Jobey pipe history starts somewhere around the early 1920’s with the first Jobey pipe being crafted in England. Throughout its history, the Jobey pipe has seen a variety of manufacturers and distributors. In 2012, the name Jobey was taken on by the Weber Pipe Company and the production facilities were all moved to the French city of Saint Claude.

Jobey History LinkJobey History

The one thing that has allowed the Jobey pipe history to endure is the fact that the Jobey Link makes the pipe extremely easy for users to repair on their own without having to pay for repairs. Throughout its history, the Jobey name has been transferred from one company to the next. Some of the companies involved in keeping the Jobey name alive include George Yale Pipes and Tobacco, Norwalk Pipe Company, Arlington Briar Pipes Corporation, and Hollco International. The Jobey name had actually moved to New York City in 1942 and remained there until the Weber Pipe Company moved everything back to Saint Claude in the mid-1970’s.

Jobey History VintageJobey History Manufacturing

The attraction for the Jobey pipe was its price and the ability to fix it easily if it breaks. But, prior to the manufacturing being moved to Saint Claude, the Jobey pipe history did not include success in many of the countries of Europe. Aside from England, the Jobey pipe was not sold on the European continent with any degree of success. When it was moved to New York in 1942, the Jobey pipe became extremely popular in the United States and Canada.

Jobey History Look

One of the unique elements of the Jobey pipe history that has given it particularly interesting look is that there was a strong Danish influence to the pipe’s design early in its history. Danish pipe artist Karl Erik had taken a strong interest in the Jobey pipes and started to offer a wide variety of pipe designs that became extremely popular in England and throughout some of the countries such as Holland and the Netherlands. The brand survives without having any real lineage that leads back to an originator, but it is now in the capable hands of the Weber Pipe Corporation.