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Jobey Pipes

The search for the origins of Jobey tobacco pipes takes us around the world. The popular belief is that Jobey pipes originated in England sometime in the 1920s. Others claim that the Jobey brand was first made in the United States. Looking at a tobacco pipe patent application in 1914, there might be something to the idea that Jobey pipes were born in Brooklyn, New York.


Regardless of the mysterious circumstances of the pipe brand's origins, what is known is that since the early 1920s, Jobey pipes have jumped continents with production falling into the hands of several different companies over the years. 


That production means Jobey tobacco pipes have bounced around the world for quite some time. The pipes have been made in the United States, England, and France. What we do know is while they were originally popular in America and England, it took the French manufacturing them for Jobey to take off in the rest of the European market.


Jobey pipes are best known for the “Jobey Link” which is a screw thread system, allowing for easy repair when needed. Most Jobey pipes are made with this unique feature, but not all so double check your selection if this is a feature you prefer.


While the true origins are still a mystery, the quality of the pipes is not. It does not matter where the pipe was made, as you will be getting an excellent American, English, or French tobacco pipe all in the same one. 


When you are getting a Jobey pipe, you are getting a solid pipe that you will enjoy. This is great for collectors as well. You will always be able to tell a story with this pipe, from the unknown origins to international manufacturing. 


Browse our selection of Jobey Pipes below and become a part of the fun and mystery of this unique brand. 

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  • Jobey Sunburst 225 Tobacco Pipe Kit Jobey Sunburst 225 Tobacco Pipe Left Side Jobey Sunburst 225 Tobacco Pipe Right Side Jobey Sunburst 225 Tobacco Pipe Top Jobey Sunburst 225 Tobacco Pipe Bottom

    Jobey Sunburst 225 Tobacco Pipe

    No matter how many pipes you buy and smoke, a regular straight billiard is always appealing. Jobey, a French pipe carving company, has incorporated the classy Sunburst design and theme into the 225 model billiard. There is no classier way to sit at your...

    MSRP: $91.50
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