Jobey Stromboli 110 Tobacco Pipe

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The Stromboli line from Jobey is characterized by its deep and bizarre rustication. This stunningly rustic pipe has a dark stain and an auburn colored acrylic stem, which contrasts nicely against the bowl. From the low price point, to the screw style stem insert, this tobacco pipe is user friendly and invites all to partake in its pleasure.

Brand: Jobey

Model: Stromboli

Style: 110

Shape: Billiard

Length: 5.74 in. / 146.02 mm.

Height: 2.01 in. / 51.05 mm.

Weight: 1.7 oz . / 46 g.

Bowl Depth: 1.72 in. / 43.89 mm.

Bowl Outside Diameter: 1.58 in. / 40.14 mm.

Bowl Inside Diameter: 0.83 in. / 21.29 mm.

Shank Width at Seam: 0.77 in. / 19.79 mm.

Filter: None

Finish: Rustic

Bowl Material: Briar

Stem Material: Acrylic

Package: Box

Country: France

Band: None

*Pipe measurements are approximate

**Pipe pictures are not of actual pipe you may receive.

6 Reviews

  • 4

    Posted by Jon on 26th May 2019

    It’s a nice pipe. Haven’t had much use with it yet, but it’s well constructed. I’m happy with the purchase.

  • 5
    Great Pipe

    Posted by Bob W on 9th Sep 2017

    This pipe is perfect in all ways. Wife says it looks like it is carved of lava rock beautiful and smokes great.

  • 5

    Posted by Jon on 26th Oct 2015

    Firstly, I hardly ever write a review, but really feel it necessary regarding this pipe.

    I am just getting back into pipe smoking after a few years- I have gone back and forth between pipes and cigs, and really want to get off the cig thing. They aren't enjoyable to me as having a good bowl of pipe tobacco in a beautiful pipe.

    I have begun shopping for some new pipes to build my collection back up. At this point I have a cheap Czech pipe my wife bought me a few years back which has a little well in the bottom which causes it to smoke wet, and a meerschaum pipe I purchased years ago which is a claw/basket design and has a deep bowl, so not practical when wanting to have a shorter smoking session, or taking to work since it is fragile. So, my current set up isn't great and needs some improvement.

    However, I have a limited budget and as a result I have been spending a lot of time looking through this website at the different pipes, prices, brands and shapes to see what I can do with the budget I have to work with -how to get the most value for my money.

    When I saw this pipe, I loved the shape, stem color and rustication. I have been looking at a lot of pipes in this price range and have been coming back to it. It has the same design and proportions as some of the more expensive pipes. Never smoked a Jobey before, but figured for the price I would give it a shot. So I ordered it - had no problems with the order- the tracking system for the package worked great- got text messages on my phone to keep track in real time. The company was very prompt in every aspect. I received the pipe in perfect shape. Very pleased with the business here, and as a result I will continue to buy here.

    One thing i did notice upon first inspection of the pipe (which I guess I didn't notice in the picture at first) is that the bowl comes pre-carboned. I decided to still follow my normal breaking in process however, which is starting with 5-10 bowls filled to 1/3 and then working my way up. Probably not necessary since it already had the carbon coating, but decided to do it anyways.

    Another thing which I didn't know before purchasing this pipe was if the draft hole would be placed properly. Being a manufactured pipe and not having previous experience with a Jobey pipe (and a pipe in this price range), I didn't know what to expect. For those of you who don't know, placement of the draft hole is very important - a higher placed draft hole will result in more moisture collecting in the bottom of the bowl. This is the problem with my Czech pipe I mentioned earlier- the draft hole is higher than the base of the bowl and there is a small well, so a very wet smoke - didn't want another pipe like this. However, I was very pleased to see that there wasn't a well at the base, and the draft hole was placed properly at the base of the bowl.

    Upon first light, I noticed a slight chemical-like taste which obviously is from the factory but this is clearing up the more I smoke it. It wasn't terrible, just something I had noticed, and I figure is to be expected when first smoking a factory-made pipe.

    I noticed the pipe was very balanced upon my first light, and fits comfortably in my mouth as I clench it. Never had a straight pipe before, nor a bit with this design, but very pleased with how it all comes together -it just works. The rustication also feels really nice when holding it, too. With even the very first christening smoke (which I expected a hot smoke since I was only smoking a third of the bowl to start off with) it smoked extremely smooth. It was a wonderful surprise!!!!

    The "Jobey Link" is new to me, which this pipe has, but it isn't a big deal, as least not to me. The bit screws into the stem (it's a plastic screw) - the bit doesn't move around when in place, and the process is very smooth when screwing the bit it in or out- very pleased with the engineering, even if the screw is plastic . I have heard that pipe cleaners are an issue with these links, not passing freely through the pipe, however the pipe cleaner will pass through this pipe completely- at least with the one I purchased. There has been one case so far where I did have to twist the cleaner just a little bit for it to pass through, but it wasn't like I was having to jam it through. The pipe cleaner I had used was probably slightly bent on the end which caused this to happen. The hole in the plastic screw could be slightly enlarged on the end if you find it necessary -I don't see that I will have to do that for this one.

    Overall, to be honest, I am really surprised at the quality of the pipe and how well it smokes. I was just looking for an inexpensive pipe that I didn't have to worry about when working outside or doing other things where it could get dropped or something else. At the most, for this price point, I was expecting a pipe that might smoke "ok" but at least would look good . However, to my surprise this has been a wonderful experience for me- I made a very good decision purchasing this, and I am very impressed with not only this pipe but the whole experience with this company. This is one of the few times that I have been totally pleased with a purchase, whether on a limited budget or not.

    So, I have absolutely no issues recommending this pipe to anyone who is having a hard time deciding on whether or not to purchase this. I believe you would be extremely pleased with your purchase as I have been!!!

  • 4
    Very light pipe

    Posted by Gordon R on 13th May 2015

    Nice rustication , bit has explosive swirls that compliments the overall style . Great smoker that pulls the flavour from the tobacco to expose true taste and flavour

  • 5
    Outstanding for the price!

    Posted by Norheast pipe smoker on 12th Apr 2015

    Never really heard of this brand and just happened to click on it for the heck of it. As soon as I saw this 110 rusticated and reading the positive reviews on different styles I knew I was buying it. The rustication on the pipe is the deepest I own and very good looking. The big surprize is how great it smokes. Dare I say it seems to smoke as good as my Peterson or Savinelli? I think so, anyway if my fellow pipe smokers pick up one of these I don't see how they could be unhappy with the purchase. Considering the prices on these I very well may grab another!

  • 5
    Fianally a good pipe

    Posted by spudder on 3rd Nov 2013

    I have been smoking the same two pipes for a couple of summers now. One just plain gave up, the other I had the stim and bowl taped together with a pop sicle stick stick. Made it hard to clean. So when my knew pipes came in the mail, I felt like it was christmas. Great pipe. Feels so good in my hand. Thanks

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