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John Aylesbury Pipe Tobacco

For clarity, John Aylesbury is not an actual person. The brand is actually a group of tobacconists from Germany who banded together to become a wholesaler that benefited every member. 


Since they are not any single tobacconist, The John Aylesbury pipe tobaccos are a unique and modern series of blends. With a variety of styles and choices, there is likely to be an affordable pipe tobacco here to meet almost any smoker's preference. 


This brand does not just provide pipe tobacco. There are other products we offer that carry the John Aylesbury name. This includes pipe cleaners and pipe filters.


This is an excellent group for any tobacconist to join. The exposure gained from being a part of John Aylesbury can set them up for a lifetime of success, and it shows you that their product is something to try. 


Another benefit to the John Aylesbury name is the standards the group holds themselves to are steep. To be a part of the group, you must provide high quality products. You cannot take shortcuts; having anything less than the best products can harm the brand, and members of this group are fiercely protective of that.


You need to display a high level of knowledge and expertise about the tobacco industry. Again, anything less than the best is not good enough for John Aylesbury. That is because they aim to make sure anything you buy from their brands is worth getting again and again.


We offer you eleven different options of the John Aylesbury pipe tobacco. The differences go beyond flavors. There are different cuts as well, including ribbon, flake, and broken flake. Try one or try them all. The attractive paint can-style tins will look good while they age in your cellar too.

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  • John Aylesbury 40 Years Edition Pipe Tobacco - 100 g John Aylesbury 40 Years Edition Pipe Tobacco - 100 g - Sealed

    John Aylesbury 40 Years Edition Pipe Tobacco - 100 g

    The John Aylesbury 40 Years Edition celebrates the 40 Year Anniversary of the famous brand. It’s two varieties of Burley tobacco blended with Virginias, Cavendishes and then processed into a plug. A restrained topping of fruit flavors adds an...

    MSRP: $20.50
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