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One of two Jolly Roger series to be named after notorious pirates, the Clipperton is an interesting and creative tobacco pipe worthy of consideration.


This series of pipes is named after John Clipperton, an English privateer that operated in the Pacific Ocean. A privateer was a pirate contracted by a nation to attack foreign ships. By taking this contract, the pirate was actually operating legally and would only have to worry about reprisals from the ships they attacked instead of whole nations.


Clipperton would spend his time in the Pacific raiding and attacking Spanish settlements, mostly on the Baja California coastline but also across the seas by Guam and the Mariana Islands.


On his sailing adventures, Clipperton earned his most significant claim to fame, as he used an uninhabited island as his base. This island is called Clipperton Island to this day, keeping the pirate's name alive.


The Jolly Roger Clipperton tobacco pipes are Brandy shaped, but Wallenstein adds a little creative flourish on the shank, extending the bottom piece to allow the stem to stay elevated off the ground and to have the pipe comfortable able to sit without tipping over.


We offer you three different colors and finishes for the Clipperton smoking pipes, smooth gray, smooth light brown, and dark sandblasted. Each of them offers you the same innovative shape, and they will all gain positive attention for their outstanding looks.


The Clipperton series is certainly worth looking at and will be a treasured addition to any pipe rotation.

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