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There are few locations in the world as connected to pirates and piracy as Tortuga. Less than seven miles separate the island of Tortuga from Hispaniola, and many residents and visitors of Port-de-Paix, Haiti, would be able to see the island across the water with a strong pair of binoculars. Tortuga gets its name thanks to the shape of the island. Île de la Tortue, the French name for the land, translates to Turtle Island since the landmass is shaped like a turtle's shell.


In the 17th century, Tortuga was the biggest hotspot for piracy in the Caribbean. Some notable and terrifying buccaneers to sail out of Tortuga were Henry Morgan and Francois L'Ollonais, with many more following their leads.


Control of the island bounced between Spain and a combination of England and France for most of the 17th century, with the final control landing with France, who transferred it to Haiti after the country won its independence.


In keeping with paying tribute to the colorful history of pirates, Jolly Roger Pipes created a series named after the infamous island, where treasure and safe haven for the notorious seafarers was had.


The Tortuga smoking pipes are a freehand shape, with a hole carved into the shank for aesthetics. These are some of the most original designs created by Roger Wallenstein, and they will look great however you have them, either in use as one of the pipes in your rotation or resting on your pipe stand after you finish smoking.


Each Tortuga pipe comes with two different acrylic stems, one black and one white, with the Jolly Roger logo on both. We offer you three finishes to choose from, each of them looking great and adding to the appeal of these smoking pipes. However you decide to enjoy a Jolly Roger Tortuga smoking pipe, you will certainly feel like a pirate, ready to plunder the seas.

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