Kiribi Lighters


Kiribi lighters are Japanese-made and are a nod to a history centuries old. Pipe lighters like these are made with dual flame to allow for a wider gentler lighting of your pipe, that way you don’t burn the tobacco or the rim of the bowl. 

Tsubota Pearl Lighters are made, by hand, from high quality Japanese metals (primarily steel or brass). The Tsubota family has been creating innovative and distinguished tobacco accessories for over sixty years and their expertise in lighter design shows through in every piece.

Tsubota Pearl Lighters all have a built in tamper and pick, making it an easy one-stop system for smoking on the go. These pipe lighters use a flint and butane system. Featuring a two-way flame adjustment, you’ll never have to worry about lighting too hot again.

These lighters work well both in and outdoors. Unlike other, more famous pipe lighters, you won’t lose your flame with a Tsubota Pearl every time the wind blows the wrong direction.

Browse our selection of Tsubota Pearl Lighters and choose one of these handsome tools to add to your collection!

NOTICE: All pipe lighters are shipped drained of fuel. Lighters are designated as HAZMAT material by the FAA and have specific shipping regulations. Click here for more info