Lane Limited Andullo Pipe Tobacco Tin - 1.75 oz

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Brand: Lane Limited

Blended By: Lane Limited

Model: Andullo

Tobacco Type: Black Cavendish,  Cigar Leaf,  Latakia

Cut: Ribbon

Blend Type: Aromatic

Strength: 3 of 5

Taste: Medium

Room Note: Tolerable

Flavoring: None

Amount: 46.61 g. / 1.75 oz. 

Country: USA

2 Reviews

  • 5
    Rich and flavorful

    Posted by Ron on 10th Nov 2019

    This is my favorite blend to have with my morning coffee. I find the pairing to be very complimentary. The Andullo cigar leaf is the stand out then the Black Cavendish with the Latakia in the background though still detectable (more so as you reach the crumbled end of a tin). There also seems to be some kind of added flavoring some say is licorice that plays nicely overall. This is a rich blend like chocolate rich but not chocolate. Between the sweetness of the cavendish and the robust flavors of the Andullo and Latakia, it has a very pleasant and satisfying presence on the palate.

  • 4
    My favorite cigar leaf blend.

    Posted by Smokebacca on 13th Jan 2019

    Lane stumbled upon a great idea with Andullo (is that pronounced “An-do-yo”, “An-do-low” or “An-dull-oh? I'm not sure). Andullo is a sweet and savory blend of flavors that are both robust and full-bodied like a dark twist tobacco and then sweet and mellow like some light unassuming aromatic – all at the same time. Unbelievable. First the tin note, this blend smells like a rich chocolate fudge cake, I'm talking death-by-chocolate! And, some of that translates to flavor, but not as much as you'd expect. What does transfer over to taste is the sweetness. But wait! This is not an aromatic lightweight that's overly sweet, it has just enough sweetness and by that I mean just right for the blend. I'm not even sure I'd consider this taste aromatic. It smells like an aromatic but doesn't taste like one. It has a deep earthy richness that borders on pungent without going over the line, which is probably brought on by the Perique-like process the cigar leaf is put through. Much of the sweetness has to be from the Black Cavendish, as it has a similar profile to BCA, Lane Limited's best selling Black Cavendish blend. There's a fair amount of Cavendish in this blend, but it's in the correct amount, and never seems to be too much. The Latakia is harder to pin down. Its presence is felt in the mellow creaminess and the smokey flavors are there slightly, but somehow the overall experience is nothing like any Latakia blend I've ever had. It does not taste like an English or Balkan. In fact, I don't know how to describe the taste other than to say it's good and worth a try. It's not smokey enough to be an English, to robust to be an aromatic, and doesn't quite fit into any category other than “contains cigar leaf”, and even then it's nothing like other cigar leaf blends either. You just have to try it to see if it's agreeable to your tastes. The only thing I would warn people about is that it does come on the moist side and where you may want to dry it out, don't. Like a saturated aromatic (such as BCA) this should be smoked somewhat moist and does just fine. In this instance, drying it only weakens the flavors. I hope this helps.