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From the Lorenzetti Emperor Series, these smoking pipes are named after Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar.


Augustus Caesar was the heir to Julius Caesar and the first official Roman Emperor. His reign was lengthy, almost 41 years, and it was the beginning of a golden era of prosperity throughout the Roman Empire called Pax Romana. Under Augustus' leadership, Rome underwent many improvements, including an improved aqueducts system, temples, bathhouses, and an almost complete overhaul to the Roman roadways that spread throughout the empire.


Perhaps the longest lasting legacy of Augustus Caesar is the month named after him. We now have the month of August, thanks to him, a permanent reminder of a time when most of Europe was controlled by a vast empire.


Have a favorite pipe shape? Look no further! You can find an Augustus Caesar that matches your taste, as these come in a variety of styles; from straight billiard to bent billiard, bent apple to bent egg, or even rhodesian, there is a Caesar for you! We offer you eight different shapes in total, so you should be able to find your shape of choice, no problem!


A feature of the Emperor Series is the unique finish present for each pipe. The Augustus Caesar's finish is smooth and glossy, with hints of brown, red, and black all swirled together in a maelstrom of colors. This combines into a smoky effect, where you can appreciate the grain of the briar. These are gorgeous pipes at an affordable price!

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8 of 8 Items