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Another of the Lorenzetti Emperor series, the Constantine line of tobacco pipes, is named after Constantine the Great.


Constantine is famous for becoming the first Christian emperor in Rome, converting on his deathbed. Prior to his conversion, he established laws to help protect Christians who were being persecuted throughout the empire. A popular tale is about how Constantine, on a march with his army, was looking in the sky and saw a cross above the sun, with Greek writing next to it. The writing roughly translates to "In this sign, you will conquer." By 313 AD, Constantine refocused his efforts to protect Christians, issuing the Edict of Milan, solidifying Christianity as a legal religion.


Constantine was instrumental in reforming some more than just religious freedom. He helped reorganize the military, strengthening his hold onto the throne, while also making adjustments to the Roman economy. The economic adjustments were exceptionally crucial, as the empire was dealing with currency troubles and massive inflation.


Constantine's reign was credited with restabilizing a Roman empire that was dealing with massive turmoil and problems. He created a safer empire, set up to last after he passed.


We offer you eight different shapes for the Lorenzetti Constantine series. They are all stamped with the numeric shape code so you can identify which one you received.


Each shape has the same finish, a smooth pipe with a dark brown stain. The coloring allows you to see the swirls and streaks of the briar's grain. The stem is a black acrylic, with a brown colored ring designed to look like the briar. It also features the golden Lorenzetti L, another way to identify the pipe and its maker.


These are great looking smoking pipes, and will be an excellent addition to any pipe rotation, something you can enjoy, and will be another wonderful member of any collection.

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8 of 8 Items