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Lorenzetti Leopardi tobacco pipes are some of their best and most prized. As the company has taken to history for naming its pipe categories, it should be no surprise that Leopardi is a name from Italy's past.


There are at least two notable Leopardi's in Italian history. The first one, Alessandro, was a popular Venetian sculptor and architect during the late 1400s through the early 1500s. Some of his works, including the statue and pedestal of Bartolomeo Colleoni, are still standing in Venice, Italy. He also worked on a chapel at St. Mark's Cathedral, a building that has stood for almost one thousand years now.


The other Leopardi came much later. Giacomo Leopardi was an Italian philosopher and poet from the 1800s. He was a sickly child, and it was not safe for him to be out of the house for long. Thanks to that, he would spend much of his time reading and studying. He started out philosophically, arguing about ancient leaders and their leadership styles. Later on, he developed his poetry, becoming recognized as Italy's first modern classic poet.


It is these men that Lorenzetti named this pipe category after. Their creativity and free thinking were the perfect way to highlight their freehand and handmade tobacco pipes. Leopardi tobacco pipes are unique, having no equal in the rest of their lines. When you select a Leopardi, you are getting a pipe that nobody else will be able to have, a true one-of-a-kind piece that will be both a collector's piece as well as a valuable member of your pipe rotation.

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