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Few cigar brands are as recognizable as Macanudo. Interestingly, Macanudo originally was a size of a cigar, not its own brand. Later on, the name would be acquired by Temple Hall, which was a Jamaican cigar manufacturer. They would produce Macanudo cigars which were mostly sold in the United Kingdom and other British regions.


In 1969, the General Cigar Company purchased the Temple Hall factory, taking control of the Macanudo name. The cigars would undergo a rework, experimenting with new combinations and flavors. It was two years later when the new Macanudo Cigars were released to the public.


This new cigar was the brainchild of Ramón Cifuentes, one of the most iconic names in Cuban cigar history. Cifuentes was the man behind Partagas cigars, one of the best Cuban cigars before the 1959 revolution, when Fidel Castro and his military took control of Cifuentes' farm and factory, leaving the man penniless as he escaped the country. 


Cifuentes made his way to the northeast of the United States. His wife would find work at a store in New York City, while he would work with the tobacco grown in Connecticut, working with the General Cigar Company. Working there allowed him to spread his knowledge, and General Cigar was more than willing to learn and improve their processes. This allowed the company to maintain its place as one of the premier companies in the cigar world.


So although the first Macanudo cigar was made in 1968, its real history only traces to 1971. Now, fifty years later, Macanudo remains one of the best known, most popular, and highest rated cigars available anywhere.


From its factory in the Dominican Republic, Macanudo produces exceptional cigars in flavor profiles from Connecticut Shade to Maduro. Known for their consistency and smooth smoking experience, Macanudo's handmade cigars will become a staple in your humidor.

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