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There are not many pipe series that has been as appropriately named as the Mastro De Paja Bella line.


Truly beautiful tobacco pipes, Mastro De Paja works hard to find the best briar available. Each piece is carefully inspected multiple times over its creation. First, they inspect the raw briar. Only the best is used; anything less than that is not accepted. After that, the artisans hand carve the smoking pipes. After carving, the pipes are inspected again. Any flawed pipes are discarded, and the best ones are sent for finishing and distribution. It is this attention to detail and the strive for perfection that makes Mastro De Paja smoking pipes truly worth acquiring.


We offer you twelve pipes in the Bella series. These come in two different finishes shared on six shapes. Mastro De Paja Bella tobacco pipes can be identified by the black and silver bands on the shank, along with distinctive stamping that helps identify the pipe. Each smoking pipe features a numeric shape code to help let you know which Bella version you got. They also have the series name and the words "Fatta A Mano," Italian for "Made by Hand."


Both finishes make for excellent looking pipes. The first is a smooth brown. With the smooth finish, you can see the way the grain is shaped on the pipe. The swirls and the flare of the grain go a long way to show off the quality of the materials used, making sure you see the benefits of the rigorous testing each pipe undergoes.


The other finish is a partially rusticated part smooth combination, a rare look for pipes. Typically it is either all rusticated or all smooth, but this partial rustication is the best of both worlds. The rusticated area is colored black, while the smooth stays brown.


Both versions of the tobacco pipe will be a beautiful addition to your pipe rotation. Whichever Bella smoking pipe you get, you will have a great new member of your collection.

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