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Mastro De Paja's Cinque Terre series is a lovely line of pipes. Every one of their pipes is handmade, stamped with the Italian words "Fatta A Mano" to confirm as such.


Cinque Terre is Italian for "Five Lands," which is precisely what makes this series of smoking pipes special. There are only five shapes in the whole line, but different finishes allow Mastro De Paja to offer many more. Thanks to those finishes, we can provide you with fifteen different Cinque Terre variants, each one worthy of consideration.


The first finish is the Rustic, adding grooves and striations that make the tobacco pipe. The second is a sandblast finish, adding a different look and feel than the rustication but still having a texture that allows for a tactile sensation different than a smooth pipe. Finally, the smooth finish will enable you to appreciate the look of the briar's grain. One of the great things about these finishes is how they all share a similar amber color.


Another unique look is on the acrylic stems. White, with brown and black swirls, they feature a few other defining looks. With the Mastro De Paja sun logo imprinted onto the top of the stem and brass bands at the junction between stem and shank, this helps create a complete look, with the whole tobacco pipe looking fantastic.


Mastro De Paja Cinque Terre tobacco pipes will be an excellent addition to your collection. With their unique look, you will have a pipe worthy of any rotation. Take the time to visit all five lands with Mastro De Paja.

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