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Men's Accessories

Don't go out into the world unprepared. We offer a wide variety of men's accessories options. From grooming to hiking and plenty of other helpful items, if you're looking for it, we try to have it.


Going camping or staying home, having an ax at hand is a smart decision. Whether chopping firewood or clearing branches, axes are useful and needed tools wherever you are. Pick one up to make sure you have one whenever you need it.

Knife Maintenance

A dull knife is an unsafe knife. Make sure you take proper care of your blades by having the tools you need to maintain the high quality your knives deserve.

Knife Sheaths & Storage

When you bring your knife with you, especially on a hike or camping, it is best to have a safe place to hold it. Get a sheath here to make sure you can securely hold onto your knife while still having it accessible.


There are few things better than something that has multiple purposes. Having one of these tools at your disposal will make life easy for you, filling two or more jobs at once.


Get a saw at your disposal to help you around the house. It is an excellent tool for helping you cut down a bush or take down a branch, and you will have plenty of use out of a saw you get here.


Scissors and shears are useful for more than just cutting paper. You can prep meat, cut herbs, and many other things that make the scissors you see here something you will find has plenty of uses.

Lighter Pouches

Lighter pouches are supremely helpful in making sure you have a safe, steady location for your lighter. By keeping your lighter in one of these pouches, you will always know where it is when you need it.

Personal Care

Modern times lead to modern care products. There's no better time to find the items you will want, things that will be good for the body and safe on the wallet. See what personal care products are available to you.

Multi-purpose Lighters

Just like tools with multiple uses, having a lighter that does the same thing is a great idea. Use one to ignite hard to reach places or something you want a little distance from, such as a campfire or a grill. You'll always be able to find something to light up with one of these.

Writing Instruments

Having a sturdy writing tool at hand is never going to go out of style. Even though we are getting more electronic as a society, there will still be a need for handwritten things seemingly forever. Make sure you have that taken care of with one of our writing utensils.


Have a drink with one of the great glasses in our collection! From individual glasses to drink sets, you will certainly find something you'll like!


Have your drink on the go with one of our flasks. You can find a Zippo combination, a set, or just the flask itself. Whatever you get, you're sure to find a flask that suits you.


Don't underestimate the versatility of a good knife. You'll always be able to find some use for a knife, whether it's cutting some twine at home, slicing a box for easier disposal, or maybe something as big as field dressing your successful hunt. Getting the right knife is something you should always try to do.


Proper grooming is essential. You want to look neat and organized, with well cared for facial hair and a maintained hairstyle. We offer all the items you need to properly care for yourself. Take a look and see what you prefer.


Get your new wallet here. You can find something new and sleek to organize your life in your pocket.