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Missouri Meerschaum

Corn cob pipes by Missouri Meerschaum tobacco pipes are a storied piece of Americana.


Founded in 1869 in Missouri, the first corn cob pipes ever manufactured were produced by founder Henry Tibbe. 


According to popular legend, A local farmer contacted Tibbe to improve on his handmade corn cob pipe. Originally a woodworker, Tibbe quickly made the pipe better and soon decided to make corn cob smoking pipes permanently.


Further proving the American dream Tibbe, an immigrant from the Netherlands, would find a way to craft excellent pipes out of corn cob. Because of the abundance of the material, he was able to make many tobacco pipes and a very affordable price. Currently, the Missouri Meerschaum company is able to produce and distribute nearly 5000 smoking pipes every day.


The name “Missouri Meerschaum” was formed to reflect that the Missouri made corn cob pipes smoked in a similar fashion to Meerschaum pipes sought after in Europe. Just like meerschaum smoking pipes, corn cob pipes are considered to be “flavor neutral,” meaning the pipe will not add to the flavor of the tobacco. You will only get the pure taste of the tobacco, so you will be able to discover what you like without any alterations. But that's just one of many reasons to try a corn cob pipe.


Tobacco pipes from Missouri Meerschaum have been owned and endorsed by some of the most renowned names in American history, including Mark Twain, President Hoover, even Popeye—the famous cartoon sailor, and perhaps most famously by General Douglas MacArthur. Although Missouri Meerschaum pipes are smoked all over the world today, they are a uniquely American example of craftsmanship and history. Read more about the Missouri Meerschaum history.


Feel free to browse our selection of Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipes to sit back and enjoy a uniquely American tobacco smoking experience. After all, as Mark Twain once told a bemused Rudyard Kipling who was chiding him for smoking high-end tobacco out of a corn cob pipe, “This sir, is not a corn cob pipe. It is a Missouri Meerschaum.”