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The Molina tobacco pipe company creates magnificent smoking pipes at an affordable price. Located in Barasso, Italy, they manufacture their pipes in an old Rossi factory the company took over in the early 1900s. For over one hundred years, Molina's pipes have become well known for their quality and the process used to make them.


Thanks to the experience they gained by using the Rossi factory, they are able to make a new smoking pipe in six hours, which they say takes 41 steps for each one. Molina starts by choosing the briar they will use to make the new smoking pipes. They only select the best material available, which is then subjected to a specialized drying process.


That drying helps remove extra tannins in the briar, which is what makes the Molina pipes better from the start. Tannins are what causes the unpleasant taste smokers get when they use a briar pipe for the first few times. By drying and removing the tannins, Molina's pipes are smoother and better tasting earlier in the breaking-in process.


When looking for a great pipe from Molina, the Crackle series will be one to choose and enjoy. Utilizing a special rustication process, the finish on the bowl looks like a series of slight fractures on the surface. These all fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, creating one of the more interesting looks you can get from a smoking pipe.


With a great look, the Molina Crackle is an excellent option for your rotations, and will be an outstanding addition to your collection, and will stand out while resting on your pipe stand.

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