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Molina Pipes

Molina tobacco pipes have their roots in one of the most substantial and most proud Italian briar pipe manufacturing facilities. In the early 1900's Molina took over an old manufacturing facility of Rossi, which is located in Barasso, a village in Lombardy, Italy. Not only were they able to acquire Rossi's building and their machinery, but they inherited workers, trade secrets, and valuable materials as well. Thanks to this legendary acquisition, Molina is now considered one of the top Italian briar pipe companies.


The Molina factory has been modified to fit modern smoking pipe manufacturing needs. Still, it retains the charm and old school style of the factory's origins from the turn of the century.


Using the skills and practices they gained from Rossi, they produce a new tobacco pipe in six hours, claiming to take 41 steps for each new pipe.


The Molina process begins with the selection of the briar. Selecting only the finest quality briar available, they then make it undergo their specialized drying process. This drying helps reduce the tannins in the briar, allowing the briar to taste better from the start.


Tannins in the briar cause an unpleasant taste. Usually only for the first few smokes with a new pipe, but since Molina's process removes more tannins, that unpleasant taste is taken care of before your first light.


Now that the taste is taken care of, the shape and finish of the tobacco pipe can come to the forefront. Following the classic forms and practices they learned from Rossi, your new Molina pipe will look great and feel even better.


With your purchase of a new Molina piece, you will own not only an excellent and reasonably affordable tobacco pipe but a part of pipe smoking history that has one of the most prolific reputations in the industry.