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Chris Morgan's tobacco pipes are products worth enjoying.


The Blackjack series is a line of pipes that certainly fit the bill there. Following Morgan's designs, the Blackjack pipes are made in Italy. The factory that manufactured the tobacco pipes used to be one of the largest in the country; at one time, it employed eight hundred workers. 


There is a simple story about how the Blackjack line got its name. The mascot for Morgan Pipes is a rabbit, and all the pipes are black. Jackrabbits have the traditional look that you think of, with the large ears that give the classic appearance of a rabbit. Since the pipes are black, blackjack became the obvious name.


The Blackjack smoking pipes are not a traditional factory made pipe. Many tobacco pipes made in a factory feature a bowl coat, but Blackjack pipes do not. There is nothing wrong with either way, but no bowl coat allows you to build up your own lining, truly fashioning the pipe how you want to.


The pipes look outstanding as well. All black, the pipe is sandblasted for an extra texture and a great appearance. The Blackjack series will be a great smoking pipe for collectors and will be a wonderful option for your pipe rotation or just to show off on your pipe stand.

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