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Affordable tobacco pipes are easy to come by. There are so many different companies that create smoking pipes that will be easy options for someone who is looking for a piece that will be a serviceable and quality pipe.


That is the beauty of the Bones series from Morgan Pipes. Chris Morgan was seeing pipes that would not be accepted by larger companies. Instead of destroying them, Morgan Pipes would step in and acquire the "rejects," had them sandblasted and laser engraved with the logo. While some of the discarded pipes were rejected because of structural issues that made them unusable, many more did not look like how the original company wanted them.


Smooth tobacco pipes are beautiful, but the standards by some companies are high. If they do not look as good as they should, they might wind up on the discard pile. When Morgan Pipes would get the rejects, they would vigorously inspect each one, ensuring that every released Bones pipe would meet the standard of quality they seek. As long as the pipe is structurally sound and fully functional, they would be accepted.


One of the great and unique features of the Bones series is entirely thanks to how the pipes are made. Since the bowls are sandblasted and only have a thin coat of carnauba wax as a finish, the tobacco pipe will darken and color as it ages and is used.


We offer you six different smoking pipes from the Bones series. Each shape is a great option for your pipe rotation. When you find yourself with a Bones tobacco pipe, you are getting a great, affordable option that will serve you well and look good too. Perfect for taking them on the road or just to be a serviceable piece, the Morgan Bones Pipes will be a series to enjoy.

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