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Murray's Pipe Tobacco

Give Murray's pipe tobacco a try, and you may find a new favorite! 


Originally made by the same Murray, Sons, and Co. that produced the Erinmore line of pipe tobacco, this line keeps their name with them.


Each of the blends names provides a background of the history of the company. 1A Linfield is the street address in Belfast that housed the Murray's factory. This also explains the Belfast blend, as the company originated there, first gaining notoriety and fame. Later they would expand to Whitehall and Cunningham, giving the third and fourth blends their names.


Now produced by the Scandanavian Tobacco Group, we offer you the four Murray's blends available. Just like the Erinmore line, the Scandinavian Tobacco Group stepped up and saved the Murray's line from extinction. Their tobacconists maintain the recipe and produce this tobacco to continue the history and tradition that Murray, Sons, and Co. established so long ago.


The Belfast, Whitehall, and Linfield tobaccos are ribbon cut English blends, while the Cunningham is a flake cut Virginia blend. With a modest selection to choose from, you'll find that these are not too strong and not too light in their flavoring. Instead, they are right in the middle, offering a medium and pleasant taste. A real treat, sit back and relax with Murray's tobacco!

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