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Neerup Pipes' Basic series is some of Peder Jeppesen's best work. Handmade and not shaped traditionally, a freehand pipe is a great way to showcase the pipe maker's creativity.


Jeppesen acquired the raw briar from a few places, most notably Corsica and Greece, and sometimes from Morocco. His smoking pipes have earned praise throughout the pipe smoking world thanks to how well he utilized that wood.


Jeppesen's pipes have become as great as they are because of his experience at every level of the manufacturing process. It started in 1977, sweeping the floor of a pipe factory, watching and listening. He would later learn the proper way to sand, shape, and care a pipe before finally getting left to his own devices and crafting new tobacco pipes that carried his name. 


Jeppesen decided to name his brand after his grandmother, and that dedication to family continues with his son, Christian, to manufacture the best pipes available.


With the Basic series, you will be getting an excellent, handmade pipe. Not only are they made with great care and dedication, but they are much more affordable than most handmade pipes from other creators.


When you can acquire a Neerup Basic tobacco pipe, you will be picking up something that will look great and serve you well. Handmade pipes are special because of their one-of-a-kind quality, meaning these will be awesome, unique pieces that collectors will love, and they will look great as part of your pipe rotation or while they rest and are displayed on your smoking pipe stand.

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