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During the 1970s, the United States saw a massive increase in demand for tobacco pipes made in Denmark. Legendary pipe makers like Karl Erik Ottendahl and Erik Nørding saw a huge boost to their businesses because of the pipe boom. Those boosts were big enough to bring on newcomers, such as a young man named Peder Jeppesen, in 1977. 


Fresh out of high school, Jeppesen was 18 years old and looking for work, which he got with Karl Erik. Starting as a sweeper, Jeppesen would later learn the ins and outs of crafting a new tobacco pipe. While he would fine-tune the basics with Karl Erik, it was at Nording pipes where he mastered his skills. 


It was more than just skill at creating smoking pipes that Jeppesen learned from these two masters. Both Ottendahl and Nørding had a philosophy about making affordable pieces. This thought process has passed on to Neerup, who creates memorable and unique tobacco pipes that cost far less than they would with other brands. That lower price point comes with zero sacrifices for quality. You will be getting some of the best pipes you can find whenever you acquire a Neerup smoking pipe.


There is something special about the Turtle series that Jeppesen added to the Neerup brand. A creative line that features many different shapes and finishes, but they all have a wide mouth that is larger than most other tobacco pipes. Whichever Turtle shape you pick up will serve you well and will be a great addition to any collection. If you get a Turtle tobacco pipe, it would be great to show off, and you should have it in a pipe stand on its own, so everyone can see it for the beauty that it is.

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