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Perhaps Nording's most traditionally shaped series, the Cut smoking pipes, are further proof that Erik Nording and his company can create any style of tobacco pipe they want.


Nording Cut smoking pipes are unique and will be a valuable addition to any collection, coming in a wide variety of finishes. There are pipes with partial rustication, pipes that are completely smooth, and pipes with different stains. Not only are the bowls different, but the stems vary as well. Made out of acrylic, there are multiple colors for them. Some are honey yellow, others are black, while rich, deep blue stems are also options. Nording also even releases some Cut pipes with sterling silver on the stems.


Whichever Nording Cut tobacco pipe you pick up, you will have something that looks amazing, a piece that will be outstanding in your pipe rotation or resting on your pipe stand.


Erik Nording and his son Knud use the creativity and quality that they have cultivated thanks to the more than fifty years of experience in the industry to make smoking pipes that both stand the test of time as well as earn rave reviews from every person that has ever enjoyed a Nording pipe.


When you get your own Nording Cut tobacco pipe, you will see why.

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