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Nording does very little traditionally. Their smoking pipes are often unique and freehand shapes that defy convention and expectation. The Nording pipe tobacco is another way the company thinks outside the box. Erik Nording has fully infused his creativity into the very fabric of his business, and perhaps no item highlights that as much as their filtered smoking pipes.


The Nording Keystone tobacco pipes are specially made to give you the best smoking experience possible. Instead of a traditional insert, one that utilizes balsa wood, charcoal, or broken meerschaum, Nording yet again flexes their creative muscles to develop a new way to filter the tobacco smoke that you enjoy.


The Nording Keystone Filters are volcanic clay pellets that rest at the bottom of a spiral chamber designed to hold them. So how do you use them, exactly? Ten to fifteen of the keystone pellets go into the pipe's chamber, which helps keep the airflow from being blocked by an overpacked tobacco.


We offer you eight different Eriksen Keystone smoking pipes to browse through. The stems are all made out of hard nylon, and all the bowls are briar. The black nylon stem offers you four different bowl variants to select between and enjoy. This includes a smooth black stain, a smooth dark brown with blackened grain, a smooth bowl with a light brown that shows off the swirling natural grain of the briar, and a dark brown rustication that has marvelous grooves all around.


If you would rather, you can also get a stem in different colors, such as fuchsia, green, orange, or white. Each of these pipes features a black, rusticated bowl that will stand out and look great.


If you are looking for a new filter system for your smoking pipes, or just something different, the Nording Eriksen Keystone pipes are precisely what you are seeking.

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8 of 8 Items