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As Nording says, "The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra." When you get a look at one of the Nording Extra smoking pipes, you will understand.


The Nording Extra tobacco pipe series is yet another brilliant addition to the company's line of fantastic pipes. Every piece is carefully constructed to be beautiful beyond compare.


Nording took inspiration from nature for this series since the beauty of what we see out in the wilds can frequently far outshine anything humans come up with and create. For instance, the rings on the end of the shanks of each Extra series pipe utilize natural materials, such as bamboo, palm, large nuts, and seeds from tropical plants.


Those natural items give each pipe a unique appearance, something you will not likely find elsewhere. When you pick up a Nording Extra series tobacco pipe, you are getting a piece that takes the best of manmade and natural brilliance and brings them together into an outstanding smoking pipe.


Even the stems work to help the tobacco pipes stand out. Acrylic, each one features a unique color that you do not normally find on a pipe. Most traditional smoking pipes only have black stems, but the Nording Extra series features golden honey yellow, ivory white, a rich brown, and a deep watery blue, each of which has swirls and wisps that add life and creativity to the stems.


There are plenty of options available to you when you are looking for a smoking pipe. If you are ever stuck between choices, it will not hurt to go a little Extra.

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  • Nording Extra 2 Tobacco Pipe 101-7777 Left Nording Extra 2 Tobacco Pipe 101-7777 Right Nording Extra 2 Tobacco Pipe 101-7777 Top Nording Extra 2 Tobacco Pipe 101-7777 Bottom Nording Extra 2 Tobacco Pipe 101-7777 Apart

    Nording Extra 2 Tobacco Pipe 101-7777

    Brand: Nording Model: Extra  Shape: Billiard Length: 4.77 in. / 121.22 mm.  Height: 1.97 in. / 50.05 mm.  Weight: 2.1 oz. / 59 g.  Bowl Depth: 1.65 in. / 41.92 mm.  Bowl Outside Diameter: 1.73 in. / 43.91 mm...

    MSRP: $228.00
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