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Erik Nording has spent more than fifty years creating handmade tobacco pipes. These pipes have been enjoyed by smokers all over the world, and for a good reason, they are excellent.


Nording was taught how to smoke a pipe from his father. He owned and operated a razor blade and garden tool factory and was a huge influence on young Erik. Unfortunately, he passed away when Erik was only 16 years old, and the young man started getting groomed to take over the family business when he was ready.


That preparation led to engineering school and blacksmith training. However, that business was not in Erik's future. Instead, he was contracted by a Copenhagen pipe repair shop to build a pipe making machine. That did not go the way he first anticipated, though, as he did not get paid in a way you traditionally think. Instead of picking up money for his work, Nording earned a partnership that would be the beginning of one of the most well respected careers in Danish pipe making history.


Nording's blacksmith and engineering skills helped shape how he decided to create the smoking pipes that are produced. The Handmade series is one that highlights that creative mindset. Each tobacco pipe features the imagination that a Nording pipe is known for, with freehand shapes that you do not normally find made out of briar.


It is these qualities that make the Nording Handmade series so valuable and such a great addition for collectors and anyone who enjoys a great looking piece.

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  • Nording Handmade 20 Tobacco Pipe 12064 Nording Handmade 20 Tobacco Pipe 12064 Right Side Nording Handmade 20 Tobacco Pipe 12064 Top Nording Handmade 20 Tobacco Pipe 12064 Bottom Nording Handmade 20 Tobacco Pipe 12064 Apart

    Nording Handmade 20 Tobacco Pipe 12064

    Brand: Nording Model: Handmade Shape: Freehand Length: 5.94 in. / 151.11 mm.  Height: 2.09 in. / 53.20 mm.  Weight: 2.6 oz. / 73 g.  Bowl Depth: 1.40 in. / 35.73 mm.  Bowl Outside Diameter: 1.58 in. / 40.13 mm...

    MSRP: $827.00
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