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There is nothing extra to add to the word "unique." If something is unique, it is because it is unlike anything else, something exclusive. However, there are certain times where unique does not quite do enough justice. 


When you look at a Nording tobacco pipe, you will find the little grooves and changes that separate them from the traditionally shaped smoking pipes we are so used to seeing. 


Nording has a history of creativity and imagination with the freehand shapes they manufacture. Handmade for more than 55 years, the company always looks for new ways to innovate and inspire. The Nording Harmony series does precisely that.


This is a line of smoking pipes that adds an additional twist to the freehand designs and handmade pieces that put Nording on the map. Along with the excellent shapes, there is a fresh look to them beyond simply showcasing the grain of the briar. The rest of the smoking pipes will display the grain; meanwhile, the Harmony series takes a much more artistic angle. Imprinted onto the outside of the pipe is artwork, from writing to painting. This is something you will be hard pressed to find on any other smoking pipe, and it is yet another indication of the impressive imagination that Erik Nording has embedded into the very fabric of his company.


Make sure you have your pipe stand in a place to show off the beauty of the Nording Harmony whenever it is resting and not being used. Enjoy yourself and pick up a Nording Harmony today.

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